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SATS Airport Services is part of the SATS Group (SATS) which is a leading aviation ground handler in Asia, operating cargo terminals out of 10 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia and Oman) with annual cargo throughput of 5.4 million tons.

In Singapore, SATS handles 85% of the air cargo coming through Singapore Changi Airport, which is one of the World’s Top 20 Busiest Airports. Our warehouse is located within the Changi Free Trade Zone, with direct air and land side access, spanning a total of 140,000 m2 floor area. We have 2 purpose built terminals to handle cold-chain and eCommerce cargo, namely Coolport@Changi with IATA CEIV accreditations and eCommerce Hub with automated sorting equipment.

Beyond our cargo terminal services, SATS provides a comprehensive range of value-added cargo and logistics services to assist the freight forwarder community to improve process efficiency and handling lead time.

SATS 机场服务是 SATS 集团 (SATS)业务的一部分,SATS 集团是亚洲领先的航空地勤服务商,货站遍布10 个国家地区(新加坡,马来西亚,印度尼西亚,越南,台湾,中国,香港,印度,沙特阿拉伯和阿曼),年货物吞吐量为 540 万吨。

在新加坡, 由SATS 处理的货量达到了新加坡樟宜机场(该机场是世界上最繁忙的20个机场之一)货运总量的85%。我们的仓库位于樟宜自贸区内部,空侧路侧均可直接到达,占地面积达 14 万平方米。我们拥有2个专用货库以处理冷链和电商货物,即经过IATA CEIV 认证的冷库Coolport @ Changi 和具有自动分拣设备的电商货物中心。


A. eFulfilment

Serving a rapidly growing e-commerce market, SATS eFulfilment is a neutral and cost-effective B2C cross-border eCommerce logistics solution. Leveraging on SATS’ footprint as a cargo terminal operator across key eCommerce markets in Asia, we have built a digitally connected network of logistics partners to offer an end-to-end B2C cross-border eCommerce logistics solution. With the SATS eFulfilment solution, our customers are able to rely on SATS to execute the end-to-end logistics from shipper to consignee with full track-and-trace visibility of the parcels.

服务于快速增长的电商市场,SATS eFulfilment 是一个中立且具有成本效益的B2C 跨境电商物流解决方案。利用SATS在亚洲主要电商市场分布的货站,我们建立了一个数字网络连接各地的物流合作伙伴,为其提供端到端的B2C跨境电商物流解决方案。借助 SATS eFulfilment 解决方案,我们的客户能够实现从发货人到收货人端到端全流程物流追踪。

We offer 3 different models to suit your needs.

Model A – For customers who require full end-to-end solution

我们提供 3 种不同模式以满足您的需求。

模式A – 适用于需要完整端到端物流解决方案的客户

Model B – For customers who require line haul solution and delivery at destinations

模式B – 适用于需要长距离运输且在目的地实现递送的客户

Model C – For customers who only need delivery at destinations

模式 C – 适用于仅需要在目的地实现递送的客户

B. eFacilitation

SATS eFacilitation value-added cargo services provide freight forwarders with a full suite of cargo solutions within our airfreight terminals to facilitate faster, efficient and cost-effective air cargo import and transhipment via Singapore.

In order to cater to the evolving needs of the air cargo landscape, our eFacilitation services comprise of the following:

SATS eFacilitation 增值货运服务为货运代理人在空运货站内提供一整套货运解决方案,以促进货物在新加坡进港转运,速度更快、效率更高、更具成本效益。


1. Priority Collection:

Consolidation of import shipments from different flights, break bulk, sort and ready for collection by Last Mile Delivery providers at a specified time frame for collection

Key Benefits

Dedicated truck dock for the collection of cargo based on preferred time

Save cost by maximizing truckload per trip

Reduce number of truck trips due multiple shipment arrivals

Import documents can be done at truck dock, eliminating the need to queue at Import counter

1. 优先提货 Priority Collection

对不同航班的进港货物进行统一收集、分拣分装,以备在规定时间范围内供配送方提货 。


  • 根据客户时间安排专用车辆收集货物

  • 单程最大限度装载以节约成本

  • 通过交替运输减少车辆运输次数

  • 进港文件在运输车辆上编制完成,缩短进港柜台排队办理等候时间

对抵达SATS不同航班的货物进行分拣分装--》 越过货物代理仓库环节--》直接由货车将货物送往集中的分发物流点并在24小时内由配送方送至终端收货人。

2. Multi- Modal Sea-to-air: 

Forwarders can leverage on the world-class sea and air hub capabilities in Singapore to complement their existing shipping modes. A sea-to-air logistics modal provides a good balance between shipping costs and lead time. Working closely with Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), our Sea-to-Air (or vice versa) solution provides seamless movement of cargo between the sea port and airfreight terminals (AFT) in Singapore. This collaboration between PSA and SATS enables our sea-to-air customers to save at least 2 days of transit time in Singapore and provides forwarders with an end-to-end handling and processing of physical transhipment cargo from sea to air and vice versa. This includes the haulage of the sea containers from PSA port directly to SATS AFT, unstuffing of containers, sort, label and build up the cargo by outbound destination for subsequent air freight export.

Key Benefits

Save hassle of transferring sea containers from PSA port to forwarders’ warehouse and back to SATS AFT

Transshipment within 2 FTZs avoid the need for importing and re-exporting cargo

Faster cargo sea-to-air transit time in Singapore, saving up to 2 days

Reduce the need for forwarders to resize warehouse space constantly and save on warehouse cost

2. 多模式海空联运 Multi-Modal Sea-to-air:

货运代理人可利用新加坡世界一流的海运和空运枢纽功能来优化其现有的运输方式。海空联运物流模式做到了在节约运输成本的时缩短了交货时间。通过与新加坡港务局 (PSA)紧密合作, 我们”海对空”(空对海)的物流解决方案可使货物运输在海港和航空货站(AFT)之间实现无缝衔接。 SATS 和 PSA 之间的合作使得我们的海空联运客户在新加坡的运输时间节约了至少两天,并为货运代理人提供了端到端的海对空(空对海)货物运输操作处理服务。包括从PSA港口直接将海运集装箱运往 SATS 航空货站,按照出港目的地进行拆箱、分拣、粘贴标签并重新装箱,以供空运货物进行后续出港操作。


  • 避免将海运集装箱从 PSA 港口运至货运代理人仓库后再转运至SATS航空货站,减少中间环节

  • 货物运输在两个自贸区内部进行,货物无需进港之后再次出港

  • 货物在新加坡海空转运时间大大缩短,可节省两天运输时间

  • 货运代理人无需不断调整仓库空间布局,节省仓库管理成本


3. Quick Delivery Services:

Expedited processing of import cargo and handling over to collection agent within 2.5hours from flight Actual Time of Arrival ("ATA")

Key Benefits

Up to 40% faster for cargo to be ready to collect at SATS Import

Allow forwarders to offer quicker delivery service to consignee

3. 快速交付服务 Quick Delivery Services:



  • 提取不同航班货物速度提高40%

  • 货运代理人能将货物更快送至收货人


4. One-Connect (Air-to-Air transhipment):

Processing time-sensitive transhipment cargo that is booked on different airlines for inbound and outbound flights, without the need to process cargo back at forwarders’ warehouse

Key Benefits

Save transit time by up to 50%

Save hassle of transferring cargo back to forwarders’ warehouse and back again

Reduce the need for forwarders to resize warehouse space constantly and save on warehouse cost

4. 一站式(空对空转运)服务One-Connect (Air-to-Air transhipment) :



  • 节约高达 50% 的运输时间

  • 避免将转运货物运至货物代理人仓库后再运回,节省中间环节

  • 货运代理人无需不断调整仓库空间布局,节省仓库管理成本

CONTACT US: econnect@sats.com.sg