Jungjin Shipping Co. Ltd. was establish in 1992, mainly focus on the feeder and SOC business. Operating 6 feeder vessels, and providing the container feeder service from South China port to Hong Kong HIT terminal for HANJIN, YML, RCL and NAMSUNG. And would provide the stuffing, discharge, reposition, palleting, storage, QC & photography service within the Huangpu terminal. 

Guangzhou Jungjin Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, Mainly focus on the ocean, air, trucking, warehouse, custom broker, shipping agency, and 3PL service. Cover the Guangzhou and nearby area.

Jungjin Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was establish in 2014. Mainly focus on oversea market development, and provide global 3PL solution. Agency and network are cover all the global main seaport city and airport. Providing complete and efficiency total logistics service.

Jungjin Group stands for performance, service and safety, regardless of the complexity or extent of logistics tasks and requirements. We are well equipped for any and all challenges thanks to our robust business model. Merging international markets and increasing flows of goods are challenges we face every day, and at the same time are what drives our business. Our customers, from regional family-owned companies to international corporations, must be able to act with increasing speed and flexibility – and on a global scale. Whether in terms of procurement, production or sales markets.

A Guangzhou Jungjin Logistics Co Ltd foi criada em 2002. Com foco principal em transporte marítimo, aéreo e terreste, armazenagem de carga, despacho aduaneiro, agenciamento de carga e serviços 3PL. Possuí cobertura em Guangzhou e região

Jungjin Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltf foi criada em 2014. Com seu foco principal em transporte e desenvolvimento de negócios no exterior e possuí soluções globais 3PL. Agenciamento e representações presentes nos principais portos e aeroportos do mundo. Oferece um serviço de logistica totalmente completo.